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Atomic Bomb

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One of the bomb's designs, and its radiation-detecting white orb.

The Atomic Bomb is an agent by Marcus K., hosted on the Grendel Warehouse. It is made for both Creatures 3 and Docking Station. The bomb can have 6 different appearances, but this does not affect its functionality. Once activated by the Hand, the bomb turns the screen white as it explodes, destroying almost every agent in range; this can include nearby Creatures. After the explosion, the bomb leaves behind particles that attach to creatures and emit Heavy Metals. The particles can be seen by activating a white orb that is injected along with the bomb itself.

Using this agent to simply clear a room of native life is not recommended, unless you plan to use it to house Toxic breeds or other breeds that can handle Heavy Metals. In fact, using this agent simply isn't recommended at all, as the injection screen cheerfully states "THIS AGENT IS FROM THE HELL!!!!!!"

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