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Ashen Rain

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Ah, Ashen Rain. Once known by Venyha Do'Sae (Many just called her Veny), and a few more names on other websites to numerous to count, joined the Evil Council... A couple of times. Realizing only just now that she's been approved to be in the council possibly more than twice now, she spends her time wondering if she's a double or even triple council member now.

Her first appearance to those who know her was on the Creatures forums. She spent most of her time there roleplaying (badly, in her opinion) making most posts of her own within the Forum Wars, in the form of Denna, a Mord Sith master of torture who was half lycan, and half vampire. Other role plays that she participated in were MDude's Creature's Role play as a lost norn, and one about odd, mutated were wolves, begun of her own accord. The latter didn't get too far. A time later, as her mood to role playing began to wane, DP told her of TreeSprite's Grove. She was there for only a short while before, sadly, leaving for a time.

She returned every now and then, before not showing up completely- that is, until a random IM (via DP) popped up on her screen one day- another invite, this time to the dojo. After sorting out memories, she came to the site, and role played under the guise of a Celanthros (a race of her own creation) who was on a never ending search for her lost marbles. Once more, she was invited to the evil council... However, before she could finally get on the site, a time came when she needed to move away from her real life home and head out on her own- thus limiting her internet privileges.

Finally though, she was able to build her own computer and get reconnected. That was the time that she proceeded to come back to the forums. She attempted to get into role playing again, but it failed for some reason. Now, she spends most of her time checking in on the Evil council (which she was finally given access too), and focusing her creative energies on writing a book rather than role playing- a long time goal of hers.

And... though there is a lot more that she could say... Well... She doesn't really feel like it right now. Check back later.