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Aquatic.Cos Files

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The Aquatic.Cos Files is a mod by Grendel Man which comprehensively updates the Aquatic Terrarium in Creatures 3.

The angel fish, clown fish, handlefish and neon fish will hatch faster. The aquamites are altered to be edible, and the aquamite maker will spawn edible mites. The aquatic launcher is more efficient, recharging faster and using less bioenergy. The cuttlefish are no longer immortal and are capable of breeding and being eaten. The seeds of the gumin grass, opal sponge and orange sponge are now edible. The Man-o-War eggs will hatch. The elevator in the right side of the terrarium has been changed to be usable by creatures. Two new plants are added, based on unused sprites: the algae (leaf) and coral.

This is one of Grendel Man's older mods, and is available for download in the "Creatures @ CU7 Agents" pack at The Realm.