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The central levels of Aquanornia

Aquanornia is an aquatic metaroom for Creatures 3/Docking Station, made by Jennie.

This was thrown together in two days and patchedup over the following week... bugs and suchlike. But at the time, it was the only aquatic metaroom with a decent sized body of water (about 3 stories). Wasn't a bad little place, but have a look . . . --Jennie

Aquanornia is available at MoopSoft.

For the CCSF 2012, Risen Angel released an updated version of Aquanornia called Aquanornia Revamped. Major changes include:

  • The room now injects into all game combinations: C3 standalone, DS standalone, and DS docked.
  • The room has been remapped slightly.
  • The wooden platform is now semi-permeable, allowing some objects to fall through it.
  • Grendels who try to ride the lift to the level immediately below the platform won't teleport up a floor.
  • The uppermost aquatic level is a little more navigable.
  • All of the C3 life within the room has been removed, as have the cheese machines.
  • CA has been added. Light and heat varies depending on the time of day.
  • The levels of the room connected by lifts have been linked up.
  • The lifts themselves have received Vampess's edits.
  • The doors have been recoded and the autokill error that plagued the original DS doors has been fixed.
  • The camera won't jump to the doors should a creature use one.
  • Both the DS and C3 versions of the room have a favourite place icon.

Aquanornia Revamped still requires the user to have C3 installed.