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Aquanorn female
Game C3/DS
Slot Ettin Slot K
Author Tomtschek

The Aquanorns were drawn by Tomtschek with a genome by Alien. They are amphibious, and breathe a lot better underwater then they do on land. They go from having legs and a developing fish tail, to only having the fish tail. Once this fin has grown, they can swim. Given this similarity, it's possible they have at least a spiritual relation to MerNorns.

The home of these Norns is the Aqua Garden, also made by Tomtschek. They can be downloaded at the Norngarden site here, or alternatively at Eemfoo.org. A patch for male adult tails can be found at Creatures Caves or Eemfoo.org. An example of a norn that could use the patch can be seen at Eemfoo.org.

Adoptions of a CFE version are available at TCR.

New Aquanorns[edit]

The New Aquanorns are a genetic variation on the original Aquanorn breed. They have CFE and modified CFF edits, the Gizmo Norn's biochemistry, they have the Swim Bladder edits, and they use Risen Angel's swimming agent. They are available at The Realm and also at Eemfoo.org. They do not include the sprites or body data of the original Aquanorn, only the new genome.