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Aquamind favourite place icon
Central area of Aquamind

Aquamind was one of the first third party underwater-themed metarooms. It is a fair-sized room, with several areas of land and two different underwater sections - a salt water section and fresh water section. Each section contains two types of fish, and the salt water section includes a food vendor. The land area includes another vendor and a few plants. The graphics and CAOS were composed by zareb. Aquamind was created entirely in the GIMP, and was zareb's first metaroom. The creation of Aquamind took around six months. The final release was on July 2004... final, but not finished - due to the GIMP and his lack of CAOS skills, zareb decided to give up this project and start another, The Ancient Arch.

You could download Aquamind at Zareb's Creations, but it is now available at Grendel Man's Metaroom Review: Aquamind at The Realm.

Note: You must use the CAOS Command Line to expand the game's map before injecting Aquamind, using the example listed at MAPD.

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