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Ant (C2)

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Worker ant
Queen ant

The ant (Myrmis pingis) is a badbug in the Creatures 2 ecosystem. It is an 'ecological' lifeform, meaning it depends on circumstances being right to survive. Ants may become agitated when their nests are disturbed and can give a painful bite. The ant has a worker and a queen form. The queen ants are inedible and can make new nests if needed, which in turn can create new queens and workers. Worker ants eat detritus and are themselves edible, giving creatures:

They are eaten by the anteater.

Lis Morris created an Ant Pack to allow you to have more ants in your world. Spirit created an Ant Remover that is available for download at Creatures Caves.

Ants can be monitored in the Ecology Kit.

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