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Ambershee (person)

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Luke 'ambershee' Parkes-Haskell is a former member of Creatures community and the webmaster of the no longer maintained Ambershee's Sites. Luke has since moved into developing games professionally and is closely involved with the Unreal Engine community Unreal Engine. Ambershee founded Shee Labs, a group dedicated to games development in early 2002, which closed it's virtual doors following the ending of the last Make Something Unreal competition, and Luke's entry into professional game development at Microsoft Studios (Lionhead) [1].

Ambershee should not be confused with Don the AmberShee or the AmberCreatures website.


  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: March 31st 1987
  • Career: Game Developer (Technical Game Designer)
  • Interests: Programming, Simulation and Digital Storytelling
  • Email: ambershee(at)gmail.com

Biography Details[edit]

Ambershee is a developer of computer games, and is known to frequently work primarily in the fields of Game Design and Game Development including on franchises such as Fable, Gears of War, and Alone in the Dark.

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