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Amaikokonut, also known as Aiko or Amai (and formerly known as Bombay, BluburryNorn, and even "norn") has lurked around the Creatures Community on and off since 1998. She enjoys hanging out on any of the number of Creatures Discord channels, keeping tabs on the Creatures blogging community, and watching Creatures video streams.

Aiko runs a Creatures blog called Naturing :: Nurturing, where she posts a wide variety of Docking Station agents and world logs, as well as several disjointed ramblings about her development efforts and discoveries in working with CAOS.

While she is probably mostly known for developing the Garden Box, her personal favorite project was Live Nornish Action, a 24/7 live video stream of Docking Station to which players could send their creatures to via the warp. Sadly, the main effort of the project became obsolete after the warp servers went down and was further hampered by an increase in cable internet pricing, making 24/7 streaming at the desired resolution no longer practical. Aiko has been involved in programming the CAOS for the Albian Warp project.


Aiko first discovered Creatures in 1998 through AntiNorn's site Tortured Norns. She was intrigued by the game but being only a child with a meager allowance, she was very cautious about how she spent it and thus ventured into JRchat under the alias of "norn" to ask questions regarding the game. Unfortunately, it seemed her chosen alias was hardly unique enough to give her a solid identity, but she did learn that Creatures 2 was about to be released and decided to save her allowance for that instead.

As she had discovered Creatures via a very non-traditional Creatures site, she continued to frequent sites such as The Creatures Match and The Creatures Abyss under the alias of Bombay. Although she had chosen the alias in honor of the beautiful breed of cat, she was often nicknamed "Dr. Bombay," and became mildly frustrated. During this period she did create her first COB for Creatures 2, a torture toy called the Cactus Ball. Unfortunately, no known copy of the file remains.

By the time Creatures 3 was released, Aiko was getting a little bored of the novelty associated with being one of "those evil norn-torturing people" and becoming even more bored of being called Dr. Bombay. Thus she redubbed herself BluburryNorn, and went through several phases of lurking and delurking in the Creatures Community.

In September of 2008, Amaikokonut decided it would just be easiest to use the alias she used for all her online interactions rather than having a separate one just for the Creatures Community. During this time she also discovered Creaturetopia and found that she felt very comfortable with the community there. Her interest in Creatures blossomed, leading her to take a serious interest in CAOS and slowly work towards making her Creatures-related dreams a reality.

As of 2018, Amaikokonut still makes the occasional post on her blog and has several Creatures-related projects she is working on, albeit very, very slowly. Though her activity waxes and wanes, she states that she always finds herself coming back to Creatures for the unique and unmatched experience.


Amaikokonut resides somewhere in the northeast US. Her non-creatures interests are reading, writing, trying (and failing) to code in literally anything other than CAOS, and tea. Especially tea.