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Allekha's Annoyance Anodyne

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Allekha's Annoyance Anodyne is a pair of COS files that allows the player to quickly remove some things and then enable a suite of fixes and edits to their Docking Station and Creatures 3 games, created by Allekha. It is available for download at Creatures Caves. It also includes instructions for editing the files according to user preference - essentially everything it does can be changed or disabled.

The two files can be used together or separately. Part one removes several agents, edits some aspects of the world, and then generates the room icons for all rooms. By default, it:

  1. Deletes the welcome screen, the 'get online' message, the DS spinning cameras, and the DS teleporters. If C3 is installed, it also deletes the C3 spinning cameras, teleporters, and Knowledge Stones.
  2. Disables the Empathic Vendor's hearing.
  3. Renames the hand to 'hand' (though this won't show up in the option panel)
  4. Generate the room icons in the following order: Norn Meso, Hub, Comms Room, Workshop; if C3 is installed, Bridge, Engineering, Norn Terrarium, Jungle Terrarium, Desert Terrarium, Marine Terrarium.

The second part injects fixes and other useful agents. These must be installed separately and are not included. By default, it injects:

If C3 is present:

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