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Alien, by N. Thomas

Alien (aka Eliane) is the author of Alien's Creatures World and the Norn Adoption Center. She's also known as the "Norndoktor", as her interest in genetics let her to start collecting sick or mutated creatures from other players in order to cure them. She is also a wiki user. You can read an interview with Alien from the CCSF 2006.

Alien provided the genome for the Indio Norns, Sahara Norns, Junglenorns, Aquanorns, Pink Poodle Ettins and Vulcana Norns. She also makes some rather snazzy (and fuzzy!) norndolls as well as grendeldolls and ettindolls.

As she supports the OCSC (Open Creatures Stuff Center, created and hosted by Daniel Mewes) a lot of stuff on her site is free for others to take and work with.

Alien is the author of the following norn breeds for Creatures 3:

and also of the following Creatures 2 breeds:

Alien also provided the German language files for Docking Station.