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Alcoholic Drinks (Ira)

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Creatures 2 COBs
Ira's Alcoholic Drinks

Ira's Alcoholic Drinks

Creator Ira
Download links Alcohol Tea Champagne Martini Red Wine (Iggdrasil)
Download mirror Creatures Caves

Ira made four drink COBs for Creatures 2 that contain more than just a little bit of alcohol:

  • Alcohol Tea: A dressed-up cocktail of sweet iced tea masking a surprising amount of alcohol.
  • Champagne: The classic French bubbly.
  • Martini: The time-tested cocktail of gin and vermouth, garnished with an olive.
  • Red Wine: Pairs well with fish and red meat, as well as nefarious plans.

The Alcoholic Drink COBs were created by Ira and were previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

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