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Alcohol Pack

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The Alcohol Pack is a pack of COBs for Creatures 1 made by Ping. It includes the cocktail, vodka, rainbow juice, and whisky.


  • The Cocktail is HIGHLY alcoholic so be careful with it.

It gives:


It gives:

Rainbow Juice[edit]

  • Rainbow Juice is good for everything as it is LOADED with herbs, alcohol, and all manner of chemicals from around Albia

It gives:


  • Whisky is good for warming Norns up when they're cold and calming them down.

It gives:

Class number information[edit]

This Pack uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 6 12 (Cocktail) clash with (Vodka) clash with (Whisky)
  • 2 6 42 (Rainbow Juice) clash with Kumquat