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Albian ReGenesis

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Albia, ReGenesised
Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.

Creatures: Albian ReGenesis is a project in development, aiming to merge the worlds for Creatures and Creatures 2 in Docking Station or Creatures 3. The concept was made in 2013, by Bifrost, who also has done most of the graphical work (which is mainly gluing the two images together, with some added features and details) with guidance and help from Liam. Moe offered to help with wrapping the world so that creatures may travel around it, just like in the first two Creatures games, while Doringo mapped the world. Progress on the background layout and mapping continued into 2016, when progress stalled due to issues with the world wrap, and issues with the sheer scale of the metaroom. The Purple Temple Mountain was still being worked on in 2017, but the project has been abandoned since then.


The Purple Temple Mountain, a planned part of Albian ReGenesis.

After reaching Sphericus, a group of shee started feeling extremely homesick, and quite dizzy from all the threedimensionality of it all. So they decided to go back home. Stumbling across the Warp, they not only found their way home, but found a way to reach Albia in several versions and timelines all at once. In a grand project, they utilized the Warp to bring together the best features of the Albias, past, present and future, all into one world - not so far from what it was like before they left, and before the Lone Shee let loose the Capillata and caused the volcanic eruption that tore the surface apart. Still, the lower levels of Albia - with its machinery and secrets, were available from certain parts of the surface. The Great Tree Yggdrasil was drawn in form a timeline where it had been standing taller and prouder than ever before. Certain areas clashed before merging together. But in all their successful work with the Warp, the Warp backfired, and tore the shee off the world before they had completed their work and established a new home, back home. Where the shee went, remains to be seen.

With this, it'll be up to you to reconquer the rebirth of Albia and allow life to prosper once again. Recolonize Albia with norns and ettins, and grendels, utilize the Garden Box to shape Albia the way you want it.



The aim was to add plants from C12DS, C2toDS and/or variations or hybrids of the two, depending on permissions.


The aim was to add critters from C12DS, C2toDS and/or variations or hybrids of the two, depending on permissions.


  • Bifrost: Idea and main background developer; mapping assistant.
  • Doringo: World mapper.
  • Grendel Man: Mapping supervisor.
  • Moe: World wrapper.
  • Liam: Feedback, graphical mentor and co-worker.

Still needed[edit]

  • Workers on ecology.
    • Even though we get permission to implement ecology directly from C12DS and C2toDS, we still need it all to be coded into this world, and probably adapted to fit together.
  • Workers on lifts and teleporters.
    • Even though we get permission to implement these things too directly from C12DS and C2toDS, we still need it all to be coded into this world.
  • Workers on machines, such as learning computer, incubaor etc.
    • Even though... see above.

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