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Albian Gods

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The Albian Gods are a set of five COBs for Creatures 2 that are based on Pokémon. They are large "nature" objects that have a wide range of effects when activated:

  • Charizyan the Charizard is the beautiful but fearsome god of the Albian jungle. Charizyan is hot to the touch and greatly decreases Need For Pleasure, but inspires feelings of fear and anger as well. It has an orange "aura" and flames on its stomach.
  • Taouriose the Tauros is the god of the sands, and the most dangerous and warlike of all. Taouriose reduces pain slightly, but gives fear, energy, and anger, as well as reducing hunger and thirst without providing any water or nutritional value, priming creatures to fight to the death. Glowing balls of energy sit on the tips of its horns.
  • Vapory the Vaporeon, by contrast, is the goddess of love and defender of the dark ocean. Vapory provides water and oxygen and reduces fear and suffocation, helping to keep creatures from drowning. It has a blue "aura".

The Albian Gods were created by Ira and previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

The original versions of all the Albian Gods except Golym had very quiet sound files. In version 1.1, uploaded to Creatures Caves, all of their sounds have been adjusted to be more in line with the volume of the rest of the Creatures 2 game sounds and edited so they do not cut in or out suddenly.


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