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Albian Glow Worm (Garden Box)

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The Albian Glow Worm is an edible bug agent made by Malkin with egg sprites by Mea for the Garden Box. They are a variation on the Glow Worm from C2, and the Albian Glow-worm by edash.

The Albian Glow Worm only appears during the night, hatching in the early hours of the evening and dying in the early hours of the dawn. In its single night of life, it crawls around, emitting a soft glowing light. The glow worms do not consume any food themselves, but creatures seem to enjoy chasing, pushing, pulling, hitting or eating the speedy glow worms. They will appear in the "Patch Plant" section of your Garden Box. This is so that they can use the "patch" infrastructure to function. The worms will die if they stray underwater.

The Albian Glow Worms can be downloaded from Garden Box Central.