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Albian Carrot Beetle

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Albian Carrot Beetle

This strange creature is the Albian Carrot Beetle, (aka. the Albian Carrot Beatle) it exists purely on a diet of Albian carrots.

Norns, being an adaptive species, have found a couple of ways to deal with the competition for the carrots - the most extreme being to eat the beetles. Norns can also get much enjoyment out of a beetle, maybe just by following one around and watching it move, maybe by holding one while it struggles to break free, or maybe some other way...

"The most beautiful scene I recall was two norns playing football with a carrotbeatle - they kicked it, the other one caught it and they kicked it back and forth." --Alexander Laemmle in a Wired interview

Put a few into your world and watch as they rush to the aid of a captured fellow beetle. Can you encourage your Norns to co-exist with the beetles?

Pressing INJECT will drop a single beetle into Albia - you're actively encouraged to hit that button a few times!

From Creatures Object Pack 1.

Pushing the Albian Carrot Beetle gives:

Pulling the Albian Carrot Beetle gives:

It uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 10 12