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Albian Ant Norn

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Albian Ant Norn female

The Albian Ant Norns are a genetic breed created by C-Rex for Creatures 2 that require Dragonfy and Golden Desert sprites. They are a very social breed of Norns and enjoy living in large groups, or "colonies", and have a high desire to travel around Albia. They also exhibit sexual dimorphism, with the males having wings and purple, blue and green bodies, while the females are wingless and have a purple and blue coloration.

This breed of Norns are very short-lived - without mating, both sexes typically live for around an hour. Mating has a profound effect on their lifespans - for females, it will increase their lifespan, whereas with males, their lifespan will decrease. Therefore it is possible for a female Ant Norn to outlive her own children and even her grandchildren if she manages to mate enough times. Females who live the longest are referred to as "queens".

Albian Ant Norns have a regular sleep cycle just like regular Norns, but if they are exposed to cold and start to shiver, it can make them feel tired, which is especially common during winter or in Albia's colder areas. Also, thanks to their strong immune system, Albian Ant Norns are much less likely to suffer from disease than regular Norns. They also enjoy eating weeds, so don't worry if your Norn starts snacking on the odd deathcap mushroom!

You can download the Albian Ant Norns from here.