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Aktion Limited Edition

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Aktion Limited Edition

Aktion Limited Edition was a breeding competition run at Mummy's Creatures (overview). It begun on 24 August 2003, lasting into October.


The competition was started with 17 C2 norns sent in by members of Mummy's Creatures Forum. Each norn was required to be from Generation 100. These norns were given special postage stamps in lieu of the standard birth certificates, and offered for adoption) - only one player could adopt a norn, and there was only one norn per player.

After being adopted, these norns were bred with other norns of their choice by their foster owners. The only restrictions were that they could not be bred with Canny Norns, and that they must retain at least an appearance gene from the adopted norn. These norns were sent in as Generation 101, and offered for download. Players then downloaded norns from Generation 101 and bred them amongst themselves - no other norns were allowed. 19 resulting Generation 102 norns were sent in to be tested, in a competition that included a public vote on appearance and a private wolfling run.


Baraion was the winner, with a perfect score in both appearance and endurance competitions - the results of the latter were described in story form. The 36 children (of generation 103) produced by the competitors during the wolfling run were offered as Limited Eggs.

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