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Aktion Breed Detective

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Aktion Breed Detective

Aktion Breed Detective was a competition run by Mummy over the period 28 February - 3 April 2004, in which German community members tried to guess the component breeds of two norns a week just by looking at the frontal and side images.


Each creature was composed of five breeds (although it was possible for one to appear twice), and one point was awarded for each correct guess, so there were ten points available each week. At the end of the second and fourth weeks a bonus round was played in which participants who had not scored the full 20/40 points over previous weeks could "catch up" to the maximum. The first winner could choose either a norndoll created by Alien, or a copy of the Hardman Norn pack; the second winner recieved the other prize.


In the end, 39 players participated, 28 of them submitting answers for every round (excepting bonus rounds). Of these, 18 scored the maximum, 60 points. Blueberry and Hans were chosen to draw a winner - Hans assigned numbers to the participants while Blueberry separately picked a number to win.

The winners were:

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