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Ainarda (Elvish Quenya "Holy Realm"; 'aina'=holy 'arda'=realm) is a new world created by Merboy originally for Creatures 2 but later released in an incomplete state for Docking Station.

Originally conceived in 2007, production of this new world halted for four years but resumed in 2011 when the project was completely redesigned by its creator.

Ainarda features all-new areas with brand new graphics throughout the entire map. There are specific dangers but generally this richly colored world is a haven for Norns, Ettins, and Grendels. Creatures as well as players can go exploring through all the various locations Ainarda has to offer.

The projected release date of Ainarda was stated as CCSF 2011. However Ainarda was eventually placed up for download in 2013. It can be found at The Lantern Light. Some of the food items included in Ainarda were converted for use with the Garden Box.

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Norn on the Evenstar Bridge
The Underhill House
The Angel's Lake in the Underground Forest
The Haunted Castle