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Agent help

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Agent help is a feature in Creatures 3 and Docking Station that allows the player to read exactly what a specific agent does, or check out easter eggs set by the programmers. It can be accessed by a question mark button on the heads up display to the top-left of the player's screen. When the player clicks on the agent help button, the hand will change to a hand with a question mark next to it, and the player can click on any agent using the right-hand mouse button. This will bring up a window that explains what the agent is and how to use it. If no help file has been provided, it will simply show the classifier number instead. Using agent help on a creature will bring up the Creature History which contains a photograph album, a history of important life events, and a name changing screen. The player can toggle between Agent Help mode and normal mode by pressing F1.

Agent help files are created using catalogue files.