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Aardvark Norn

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Creatures 3 and Docking Station
Creatures 3 and Docking Station Breed Information.
Type: Other
Breed Slot: Ettin slot Y
Genome: ChiChi Norn 47 Genome
Website: Can be downloaded (translation) at Mummy's Creatures, along with their history (translation).
Author: Created by Bio Storm for Creatures 2 and converted to Creatures 3/Docking Station by Donutking.
Conflicts: Yellowstone Wingies
Creatures 2
Creatures 2 Breed Information.
File:Need a Pic!.png
Type: Other
Breed Slot: Norn slot R
Genome: amphibious 256 genome
Website: Cave of Creatures
Author: Bio Storm
Conflicts: Info Needed

The Aardvark Norns are a norn breed made by Bio Storm for Creatures 2, and converted for Creatures 3/Docking Station by Donutking and Creatures 1 by MuppetBoy. They go on all fours and their size does not vary with life stage.

Fun fact: The sprites used are from the Life Kit #2 Diversity Pack COB, the Anteater. The front sprite is two mirrored side faces merged into one.

Creatures 1[edit]

Known as the Anteater, these were converted from C2 to C1 by MuppetBoy and are available on Muppetboy's Geatville, and also on Eemfoo.org.

Creatures 2[edit]

The C2 Aardvark Norns occupy Norn slot R, using an amphibious 256 genome. They can be downloaded at Cave of Creatures.

Norngirl has also made her own C2 Aardvark norns, using the same slot. It is known as the MSAN (short for Maned Spotted Aardvark Norn). They come with complete life stages and grow to be quite large.

They can be found on Norngirl's temporary storage site.

Creatures 3/Docking Station[edit]

The C3/DS Aardvark Norns were a birthday present for Guflor. They occupy Ettin slot Y, using a ChiChi Norn 47 genome. They can be downloaded at Mummy's Creatures. They can also be downloaded from Eemfoo.org.

Known Errors[edit]

An error in their genome may incorrectly cause norns born from eggs from Muco to be green in colour and use the wrong sprites for their head, arms and legs. Using the provided starter norns prevents this error. A solution to this error is to go into your Genetics folder and rename "aardvark.gen" to something else, and then rename "advark.gen" to "aardvark.gen". All new norns born from Muco will now use the correct sprites.