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A C2 Story

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The C2 Story is a soon to come fanfic on TOCAF. It is based on an RP on the same forums, called the C2 RP.


Jem: A female Ettin who starts out as a dumb creature, yet gains intellegence by reading books around Albia. Is the last of the vicious Ettins, and is the only creature with a natural reading ability. There are also some rumours that she can speak to Doozers.

Flame: A Balrog/Draco Norn female cross who is very short tempered, but nice most of the time.

Yora: A Draco/golden desert female Norn cross with rather large wings. Apparently likes sparkly things. She is the last of her kind.

Ahriman: A very angry Boney Grendel, red and agressive. Will eat Draco Norns and Ettins on any day. Stays away from Balrogs.

Kilimar: A Plasma Grendel, a Grendel made entirely of plasma. He is immune to Balrog attacks, and in fact gains energy from their heat.

Scargot: The ultimate enemy in the fanfic. Looks like a normal C2 Grendel, with a fin in the place of a normal Grendel horn, webbed hands and feet, and four tentacles in place of a tail.


Creatures 2's Albia recently went through a massacre of creatures. The volcano erupted, and the only creatures that survived were ones in set groups (such as a Balrog Vity).

A few creatures managed to survive long enough to lay eggs, but those eggs were left dormant.

That is, until spring warmed Albia....

(There isn't really much of a story yet after that. The story will be much different than the RP. For example, in the RP there are more characters. Also, sometime at the end of the RP, Scargot kills everyone. All of that will be altered, and I might add some chars that were not even in the RP.)