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3kul's avatar

3kul, also known as Luke, is a long-time active member of the Creatures Community. He is notable as a long-standing CC personality and can usually be found over at Creaturetopia.

Basic Information[edit]

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Location: Victoria, Australia

Docking Station ID: 3kul

E-mail: Lukekul@gmail.com

Creatures Community Affiliations[edit]

Member of Creaturetopia

Former member of the now defunct development team Metacore

Elder of the Evil Council

Official organizer of the CCSF 2009

History in the CC[edit]

3kul has been a member of the Creatures Community since the 23rd of January 2004, though prior to this 3kul had been playing games in the Creatures series (way back with Creatures 1) for several years before.

3kul has not personally contributed anything to any game in the Creatures series, his reasoning for which being that he lacks the skills to do so. 3kul considers his role in Metacore to have been a fairly minor one, for although he signed on as a concept artist few of his own concepts ever progressed beyond the drawing board. He's generally known for having volunteered ideas and opinions on the work done by other members of the team, though he's still creditted for and recognized as a concept artist for Aquatilis Caverna.

Shortly after it's opening in 2008, 3kul became a moderator on the popular new Creatures forum known as Creaturetopia. Although he is now no longer a moderator due to real life commitments he still spends a great deal of time there. He was heavily involved in helping to organize the Creatures Community Spirit Festival for 2009, which was enjoyed by all and deemed to be a rousing success.