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2ER files

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.2er files are used by the Map Editor to define the world map, rooms, metarooms, and the doors between them.

Line: Version (always "1 4") (if this line doesn't exist, e.g. the first line is "32", then the version is "0 0")

Line: Property count (usually "32") (the first property is "Room Type", then the following properties are CAs. the remaining properties after that are unknown.)
for each Property: 
    Line: Name
    Line: min max is_enumerated (ints, usually "0 128 0")
    Line: enumerated_names (vertical-bar-separated strings if is_enumerated = 1, e.g. "Normal|Basket|Above")

for 16 room types x 20 CAs (only 16 CAs if version < "1 3")
    Line: gain loss diffusion (floats)

Line: world_map_width world_map_height i.e. "10000 10000"
Line: metaroom_base room_base (e.g. arguments to the BRMI CAOS command, only exists if version >= "1 4")

Line: Metaroom count
for each Metaroom:
    Line: Metaroom Index (int)
    Line: left top right bottom (ints)
    Line: Background count
    for each background:
        Line: Background path
    Line: Music Track (only exists if version >= "1 2")
    Line: Room Count
    for each Room: 
        Line: Room Index
        Line: leftX rightX topLeftY BottomLeftY topRightY bottomRightY
        Line: Room Type (only exists if version >= "1 1")
        Line: Music Track (only exists if version >= "1 2")

Line: Door count
foreach Door:
    Line: room1_id room2_id
    Line: dummy (always "1", possibly meant something in earlier versions)
    Line: Permeability

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